Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Beginning DVD (Viz)


Rating: 5/5 – Superheroes will Never be the Same Again.

In Stern Bild – a vast megalopolis – superheroes patrol the streets, skies, roads and most importantly the airwaves as they appear on a reality television show where they gain points (and sponsors) by apprehending criminals and saving lives. When your public popularity is every bit as important as your powers, what’s an aging, past-his-prime hero like Wild Tiger to do? Well, according to his sponsors, he’s to team up with new young hotshot Barnaby Brooks. Unfortunately, seasoned vet Wild Tiger wants nothing to do with this brash, snotty newcomer, and Brooks feels the same about this old-timer who represents the “old ways” of being a hero. Can these two learn to work together, or is the doomed duo paving the way for another hero to earn the top slot on the charts?

What Makes It Worth Watching?
Before you even watch the actual movie, do yourself a favor and put the second disc in so you can see how they do movie premieres in Japan. The “World Premiere Event” extra brings you into a world where seiyuu (voice actors) are pretty much seen as rock stars, appearing on stage before the movie even begins, to thunderous applause. Forget the red carpets of Hollywood. Give me the red stage – with the two main voice actors showing up on a motorcycle – any day of the week. It’s on my bucket list now…I want to see an anime movie premiere in Japan.

After that, you can pop the first disc in and enjoy this introduction to the world of Tiger & Bunny if you’re not already familiar with it. Part of it is taken directly from the popular anime series, but a new story was created for the second half. A second film, The Rising, will come out early next year, and will consist of all-new material. This first movie is a great way to get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with the main league of heroes – Tiger, Bunny, Blue Rose, Fire Emblem, Sky High, and more – in anticipation of that film.
In addition, Viz released a two-volume manga of the movie (read the review HERE).

As good as that is, Tiger & Bunny is a very visual franchise, and it really comes to life on the big screen. The bright lights of Stern Bild at night, the colorful costumes of the heroes, the solid design work and animation by Sunrise and Masakazu Katsura…do yourself a favor, even if you’re already invested in the manga or you’ve watched the original anime, and see this movie. The new story alone is worth it for any Tiger & Bunny fan, and newcomers should be hooked by the time that story comes along anyhow.

My Thoughts
I make no apologies about being a slobbering Tiger & Bunny fan, but I can still be objective when I say this DVD earned its 5/5 rating. I’m not joking when I say watch the extras first, particularly that world premiere event (if you’re really not all that keen on seeing the extras, you can also catch this movie on the Viz streaming site www.neonalley.com).  See for yourself the rabid following this series already enjoys, then jump in and see if you don’t wind up becoming a fan yourself.

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